Guelph Psychotherapy

Christopher Heap, M.A.

Registered Psychological Associate

College of Psychologists of Ontario


NOTICE: Chris has shifted his focus to life and wellness coaching and is not currently accepting clients in need of psychological treatment. Individuals interested in life coaching can visit his new website at:


Over the past many years of working with individuals in therapy, I have observed that people possess an incredible capacity to make positive changes in their lives even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Key to the therapeutic process is listening; listening not only to the problems that a person is seeking help to resolve, but also listening to discover their inherent abilities, competencies and resiliencies. I am committed to helping you learn skills that will enable you to live a healthier life now and in the future.index.htm_files/printable%20information%20sheet%20.pdf

Individual Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment Approach for: 



Depression   -    Bipolar Disorder   -   Anxiety/Panic

OCD  -  Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Stress Related Illnesses - Body Image

Self-Esteem Issues

Anger Management  -  Addictions  -  ADD/ADHD