Guelph Psychotherapy

Christopher Heap, M.A.

Registered Psychological Associate

College of Psychologists of Ontario

Over the past many years of working with individuals in therapy, I have observed that people possess an incredible capacity to make positive changes in their lives even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Key to the therapeutic process is listening; listening not only to the problems that a person is seeking help to resolve, but also listening to discover their inherent abilities, competencies and resiliencies. I am committed to helping you learn skills that will enable you to live a healthier life now and in the future.index.htm_files/printable%20information%20sheet%20.pdf

Individual Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Treatment Approach for: 



Depression   -    Bipolar Disorder   -   Anxiety/Panic

OCD  -  Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Stress Related Illnesses - Body Image

Self-Esteem Issues

Anger Management  -  Addictions  -  ADD/ADHD